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The informational videos in our video vault are provided by our experienced Rhode Island attorneys to help you better understand your legal rights.  If you would like a free consultation, please contact our office today.

Automobile Accident Videos

What would you Tell Someone who is Evaluating Different Attorneys for their Personal Injury Case?
If I’m in an Injury Causing Accident, what Should I Do with my Medical Bills?
What Expenses are Covered if I get into an Injury Causing Accident?
After Getting into a Car Accident, should I Contact my Insurance Provider or my Attorney?
What’s Important to Know about SUM Insurance in Rhode Island?
What happens if I’m Injured by a Drunk Driver?
How do I Determine if my Case has a Good Chance of Winning a Lawsuit?
What Should I Know if I’m Involved in an Auto Accident that Causes Injuries?
If I’m Involved in an Injury Causing Accident, can I Sue the Other Driver?
If I’m Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident and it’s Partially My Fault, can I still Recover Damages?

Slip and Fall / Premises Liability Videos

Do I Need a Lawyer if I get Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?
What’s Important to Know about Premises Liability or Slip and Fall Cases?
Does the Property Owner need Notice in order to have a Slip and Fall Case in Rhode Island?
What’s Important to Know if I Slip and Fall on Ice?
Does Homeowners Insurance Cover an Injury Case?
If I Slip on a Sidewalk in Rhode Island, is it the Responsibility of the Property Owner or the Town?
How do I Know if I have a Good Slip and Fall Case?

Criminal Defense Videos/Blog Posts

If your Client has a Traffic Violation, do they Have to be Present in Court?
What Should I Know about Chemical Test Refusal?
What would you say to Someone who has a Speeding Ticket?
What would you tell Someone who gets Charged with Driving Without Insurance?
What would you say to me if I got a Ticket for Driving in the Wrong Direction?
What’s Important to Know about Cell Phone Violations in Rhode Island?
What is the BAC in Rhode Island for Adults and Minors?
What should I do if I get Arrested for More than One DUI?
What do I need to know if I’ve been arrested for Domestic Violence?
My Juvenile Son just got Arrested and I’m worried he might go to Jail.  How does that work?
If someone gets Arrested for a White Collar Crime, what do you tell them?
If someone gets Charged with a Weapons Offense, what do you tell them?
What should I do if I’ve been Arrested for Disorderly Conduct?
What’s important to know if you’ve been Charged with Burglary?
What should I do if I get Arrested for Illegal Drugs?
What is the Arraignment Process and what Takes Place at an Arraignment?
The Police want to Search my Home, should I Allow them to do that?
Should I Let the Police Search my Car if they Ask?
If someone is being Questioned and Suspected of a Crime, should they Answer the Questions or Contact an Attorney?
What should I do right after I get Arrested?
If I get Pulled Over, should I take the Breathalyzer or not?

Wrongful Death Videos

On Average, How Long does it take to Work Through a Wrongful Death Case?
Why is Pain and Suffering Important in a Wrongful Death Case?
How do you Determine How Much a Person can Expect from a Wrongful Death Settlement?

Dog Bite Videos/Blog Posts

What Should I Do if I get Bit by a Dog?
How do I Determine if I have a Good Dog Bite Case?
Can Someone Other Than the Owner be Responsible for a Dog Bite Attack?

Medical Malpractice Videos/Blog Posts

What is Duty and Breach of Duty?
Talk to me about Medical Malpractice Cases based on Diagnostic Studies
How do Statutes of Limitations Differ with Children versus Adults?
What’s Important to Know about Informed Consent Before Surgery?
What is Pre-Judgement Interest and what’s Important to Know about it?
If my Child is Injured, how does that Differ from Normal Statutes?
How does a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Prove a Medical Malpractice Case?

Business Law Videos/Blog Posts

Do you Help Business Owners Review their Leases and Contracts?
What would you Tell Someone who is Considering Selling their Business?
What do you Tell People who are Considering Buying a Business?
What’s Important to Know when thinking about Starting a Business?
What is the Best Business Formation Option in Rhode Island?

Real Estate Law Videos

Is there Any Way to Speed Up the Closing Time when Buying a House?
How can you Help Someone who Purchased a Property and was Misled by the Seller?
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