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medical malpractice

Unfortunately, surgical errors, hospital mistakes, misdiagnosis and other cases of medical negligence can occur. If we can establish that there was a breach of the standard of care and that breach resulted in the injury for which you now have, you will have a good medical malpractice case.  If you have been injured due to poor or negligent care, you need a knowledgeable Rhode Island medical malpractice lawyer to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

How does a medical malpractice lawyer go about proving a medical malpractice case?

Medical malpractice cases in Rhode Island are not easy cases. They are always very elongated. Most of the insurance companies who represent doctors and hospitals are not going settle these cases. You have to be willing and ready to go the whole mile in a malpractice case. I always explain this to my clients.

The first thing we need to do is get all your medical records in. Once we have your medical records in, my paralegal and my staff will organize it in a nice binder with summaries. Once we have all that, I’ll discuss with you and your family whether or not there’s a potential case here. If I think there’s a potential case, we’ll take the next step.

The next step is to get a proper expert in whatever field is involved in your or your loved one’s loss. We’ll find the best expert in the state, or across the country, to review the medical records to determine whether or not there was a breach in the standard of care by the doctor or hospital. Once that happens, we have an expert who’s willing to say, “Yes, there was a breach in the standard of care here.” We’ll get an opinion from that doctor in writing.  Then, we’re in the position to move forward and actually file a lawsuit against the doctor of the facility.

Again, medical malpractice cases are difficult. The insurance companies are not going to want to settle these cases. You have to be ready to go the whole distance. You need to be organized. You need to have your experts lined-up before you file the lawsuit. Once that’s all done, you file the lawsuit and we take it to trial.

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