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I Got a Ticket for Driving with a Suspended License

With a suspended license charge, it’s a misdemeanor in the state of Rhode Island. The first thing I speak to the client about is do they know necessarily what is suspended in their license and if they don’t or if they do, we address that suspension. When I said if they don’t, what would need Read More

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I Got a Ticket for Driving in the Wrong Direction

If you got a ticket for driving a wrong direction, I would certainly get a full history of your driving abstract and get a look at your record. I wanna know the particulars of where you were, are you familiar with this area, of course, was there an accident or other people on the road, Read More

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What’s the BAC in Rhode Island for Adults and Minors?

Quite often we’re asked, “What is the blood alcohol limit in the state of Rhode Island?” Rhode Island has a .08 law however if you are a young adult over the age of 18 but under 21, there is also a statute known as driving while impaired which is when your blood alcohol level is Read More

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What Should I do if I Get Arrested for More than One DUI in Rhode Island?

Our office is often contacted by individuals who had prior DUI’s in their past and have received or been charged with a new DUI offense.  It is important to know in Rhode Island that multiple DUI’s within a 5 year period are taken very seriously by both the court and the prosecution and that an Read More

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I was Arrested for a White Collar Crime in Rhode Island

One of our focuses in our practice is white collar crimes.  White collar crimes are usually entirely different than street crimes.  In white collar crimes, usually the individual knows that they are being investigated.  It is important for that person from the beginning when they get notice that they are being investigated that something is Read More

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What’s Important to Know if you’ve Been Charged with Burglary in Rhode Island?

Our office is often contacted by family members of individuals who are being held at the adult correctional institution, which is the state jail.  The first priority that we have is to see if we can get the individual out on bail.  If somebody is arrested for burglary, which is a capital offense, our first Read More

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What is the Arraignment Process and What Takes Place in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, there is the arraignment process, whether it be in district court or superior court.  Most of the cases in Rhode Island do start off at the district court level whether they are felonies or misdemeanors.  Both of them do request after arrest an arraignment and that arraignment will generally take place in Read More

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Should I let the Police Search My Car in Rhode Island?

We are often asked as to whether or not people should voluntarily consent to the search of their vehicles by the police, and our answer is no.  You should not let the police search the vehicle under almost all circumstances and should request that the police obtain a warrant. This informational blog post was brought Read More

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If Someone is Being Questioned and Suspected of a Crime, Should they Answer Questions or Contact a Lawyer?

We’re often asked that if the police call and ask us to voluntarily come into a police station to answer some questions that they are suspected of committing a crime, under no condition should they go to the police station without an attorney.  Our advice is that they should not answer any questions and should seek council Read More

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What Would you Tell Someone Who Gets Charged with Driving without Insurance in Rhode Island?

If you have a ticket for driving without insurance, it’s a violation in the state of Rhode Island. You’re heading usually to the traffic tribunal. What I would suggest is that I first find out why don’t you have insurance. Did you not just get an insurance? In Rhode Island, it’s mandatory insurance to drive Read More

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