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What Would you Tell Someone Who Gets Charged with Driving without Insurance in Rhode Island?

shutterstock_237128407If you have a ticket for driving without insurance, it’s a violation in the state of Rhode Island. You’re heading usually to the traffic tribunal. What I would suggest is that I first find out why don’t you have insurance. Did you not just get an insurance? In Rhode Island, it’s mandatory insurance to drive a vehicle on the public highways. Are you lapsed in your insurance? Did you not just have insurance? If you did not have insurance, the suggestion would be to get valid insurance prior to your court date so you can show the court and the prosecuting police department that, in fact, you corrected that. Correct of action will be on a better light in front of the traffic tribunal.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Norman Landroche Jr, an experienced Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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