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If a Client of Yours Has a Traffic Violation in Rhode Island, Do They Have to Be Present in Court?

In a traffic tribunal, the rules of procedure allow me as the attorney to waive my client’s presence and I can also not only waive their presence but I may also dispose of their violation. I will submit to the court an affidavit acknowledging that I went over with the client both the maximum and Read More

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What Should I Know About Chemical Test Refusal in Rhode Island?

If you get a chemical test refusal violation on the Rhode Island traffic tribunal, it’s important that you get an attorney. As your attorney with years of experience, I’ve handled hundreds of these matters and I’m looking for the best result for you, the person that ultimately is facing substantial fines, fees, assessments as well Read More

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What Should I Do if I Get Arrested for Illegal Drugs in Rhode Island?

One of the most common crimes that our office is retained for is the illegal possession of narcotics.  When someone is arrested for possession of narcotics, all of the other rules apply; namely that they should not give a statement to the police, that they should immediately ask for permission to call their attorney, and let Read More

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What Should I Do Right After I Get Arrested in Rhode Island?

When an individual is placed under arrest by the police, they should be polite but should also exercise their constitutional right to ask for an attorney.  They should not answer any questions while they are in custody or while they’ve been arrested.  They should ask for an attorney, contact the attorney, and speak with the Read More

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What Do I Need to Know if I’ve Been Arrested for Domestic Violence in Rhode Island?

We are often contacted by people who have been arrested for violations of domestic law in Rhode Island, mainly domestic violence.  It is important to remember if you have been arrested and arraigned on a domestic violence charge that a “no contact order” will be issued against you.  It is important to seek the advice Read More

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If Someone Gets Charged With a Weapons Offense in Rhode Island, What Should You Tell Them?

We are often called about illegal possession of weapons here in Rhode Island, specifically in Providence.  It is important to know that in Providence County, there is a specialized court in Providence Superior Court called the Gun Court. It is imperative if you’ve been arrested for a weapons charge to call an attorney immediately. This Read More

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Should I Allow the Police to Search My Home in Rhode Island?

I’m often asked as to whether or not an individual should consent and give the police permission to search their home.  The answer is no.  You should firmly, but politely tell the police that they cannot have permission to search your home without a warrant. This informational blog post was brought to you by William J. Murphy, Read More

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My juvenile son just got arrested in Rhode Island and I’m worried he might go to jail

One area of our practice involves representing juvenile offenders, and parents often question as to whether or not their son or daughter is going to be held at the Rhode Island training school.  Usually, if a person is a first time offender, they are not going to spend time at the training school, however if Read More

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Criminal Defense – What would you say to someone who has a speeding ticket?

Speeding tickets are probably the most common violation in the traffic tribunal. What I would suggest to anyone who comes to me with a speeding ticket is that I have to see that ticket. Was it a radar ticket? Was it clocked? It’s great in the traffic tribunal to be able to utilize the discovery Read More

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What Should I do if I’ve been Arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Providence?

At Murphy & Fay, LLP, we often receive calls from people who have been arrested for disorderly conduct in Rhode Island and many of the individuals that we represent who have been arrested for disorderly conduct are first time offenders.  The arrest usually culminates as a result of disturbing the peace, being at a party Read More

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