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I Got a Ticket for Driving with a Suspended License

With a suspended license charge, it’s a misdemeanor in the state of Rhode Island. The first thing I speak to the client about is do they know necessarily what is suspended in their license and if they don’t or if they do, we address that suspension. When I said if they don’t, what would need Read More

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I Got a Ticket for Driving in the Wrong Direction

If you got a ticket for driving a wrong direction, I would certainly get a full history of your driving abstract and get a look at your record. I wanna know the particulars of where you were, are you familiar with this area, of course, was there an accident or other people on the road, Read More

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Evaluation of Different Attorneys for your Personal Injury Case

One of the most important things you can do when you’re going into an attorney’s office to represent you on a personal injury case is to ask that attorney “When’s the last time you tried a case? When is the last time you were in a court room either state court, federal court or district Read More

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Speeding Up the Closing Time when Buying a House

In regard to first time home buyers or someone who’s buying a property, in regard to the time frame from the time you actually signed the Purchase and Sale Agreement until the time you close, it’s really dependent upon what you put in the contract. You can give yourself a short period of time if Read More

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Advice to those Considering to Sell a Business

If you’re considering selling your business, one of the first things you need to do is make sure that you have the proper appraisal or evaluation done in your business to make sure you’re not selling it for less than what it’s worth. We have the right experts at Murphy and Fay to help you Read More

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Advice to those Considering to Buy a Business

When you’re buying a business, it’s important that you speak with the attorneys here in Murphy and Fay to help you through that very complicated process. We’ll take you from the very beginning from just evaluating the value of the business right through closing on the property whether it be just an Asset Purchase Agreement Read More

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The Best Business Formation Option in Rhode Island

The best business structure in Rhode Island generally is the LLC, Limited Liability Corporation. Rhode Island has some of the most favorable Limited Liability Corporations statutes on the books. If you’re mom-and-pop small business guy going out in your own for the first time, usually the best way to set you up initially is an Read More

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What to Tell a Patient if the Problem is the Doctor’s Fault

If you ever hear from a doctor that a continuing problem that you have as a result of some kind of treatment you’ve received from a doctor is “your fault”, you might have a problem. It’s very important that if you have a continuing problem as a result of something a doctor did or didn’t Read More

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Importance of Causation in a Medical Malpractice Case

Causation in a medical malpractice case is very important. With the help of the proper expert which we have available, the expert will let us know that the breach of the standard of care which the doctor committed actually resulted in the injury which you’re claiming. Without that causation piece in the medical malpractice case, Read More

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Medical Malpractice Cases based on Surgical Errors

Medical malpractice cases based in surgical errors occur again, more frequently than people probably realize. The important thing on a medical malpractice case involving a surgical error is to make sure that all the medical records are compiled, organized and reviewed by a proper surgical expert. Again, I’ve been doing this for 25 years. I Read More

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