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If I’m in an Injury-Causing Accident, What Should I Do With My Medical Bills in Rhode Island?

If you’re involved in an accident and you’re represented by Murphy and Fay, it’s important that you provide all medical bills to myself or my paralegal. We’ll make sure that those medical bills stay in advance until the lawsuit or the claim is resolved. Therefore, you won’t be hassled by collection agencies. We’ll take care Read More

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What Expenses are Covered if I Get into an Injury-Causing Accident in Rhode Island?

If you’re involved in an automobile accident and you’re represented by Murphy and Fay, we cover all the costs involved in your legal representation. That will include the filing of the fees for filing a complaint, the position transcript cost, the cost of getting any experts such as private investigators. As part of our services Read More

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After Getting into a Car Accident in Rhode Island, Should I Contact My Insurance Provider or My Attorney?

When you’re involved in an accident, it’s important that you notify your insurance company about the accident. This does not mean that your insurance company is not gonna be responsible with the claim but it’s important that you report it because you’re obligated to do so. I recommend that you come to us. Let us Read More

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What’s Important to Know about SUM Insurance in RI?

In Rhode Island, we have what’s called uninsured and under-insured motorists’ coverage. If you’re involved in an automobile accident in which, through our investigation, we determine that the vehicle and or the owner of the vehicle of the driver of the vehicle does not have insurance, you can still bring a claim against your own Read More

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Injured by a Drunk Driver in Rhode Island

If you’re injured by a drunk driver, it’s very important that you make sure you give a complete report to the police. If you’re unable to do so, we can help you with that at the hospital or we can have the police come and speak with you at the hospital but it’s important that Read More

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