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What Should I Do if I Get Bit by a Dog in Rhode Island?

If you’re ever bit by a dog, the first thing you should try to do is find out, if you can, who the owner of the dog is. If you can’t do that, just make a note of where the incident occurred and if possible, you should notify the local police and the local dog Read More

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If a Client of Yours Has a Traffic Violation in Rhode Island, Do They Have to Be Present in Court?

In a traffic tribunal, the rules of procedure allow me as the attorney to waive my client’s presence and I can also not only waive their presence but I may also dispose of their violation. I will submit to the court an affidavit acknowledging that I went over with the client both the maximum and Read More

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What Should I Know About Chemical Test Refusal in Rhode Island?

If you get a chemical test refusal violation on the Rhode Island traffic tribunal, it’s important that you get an attorney. As your attorney with years of experience, I’ve handled hundreds of these matters and I’m looking for the best result for you, the person that ultimately is facing substantial fines, fees, assessments as well Read More

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If I’m Involved In an Injury-Causing Accident, Can I Sue the Other Driver in Rhode Island?

If you’re involved in an accident, you can sue the other driver of the automobile.  It doesn’t matter if they own the vehicle because you can also name the owner of the vehicle but anytime you’re involved in an automobile accident in Rhode Island, we can name both, the driver of the vehicle and also Read More

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If I’m Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident and it’s Partially My Fault Can I Still Recover in Rhode Island?

If you’re involved in an accident in Rhode Island and you believe you are even partially at fault, you can recover for your injuries and resulting damages for the percentage fault of the driver that caused the accident.  To put simply, even if you are more than 50 percent at fault in an automobile accident, Read More

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