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Time Frame to Work Through a Wrongful Death Case

In Rhode Island right now, it takes approximately 2 and a half to 3 years from the time you actually file a wrongful death claim until you will receive a trial date and get your day in court. What I recommend or what I advise my clients when they come to see me is that Read More

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Importance of Pain and Suffering in a Wrongful Death Case

In wrongful death cases, one of the important factors in regard to damages is pain and suffering of the decedent. I have worked with many experts over the years to help establish the type of pain and suffering a person endured or suffered before they passed away. Under Rhode Island law, a person can recover Read More

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Determining a Wrongful Death Settlement Amount

Wrongful death cases in Rhode Island in regard to the amount of recovery you can make is based upon how the incident occurred, medical bills incurred, future earning capacity of the person that unfortunately was killed but as a baseline minimum in Rhode Island, there are statutory law a human life has been found to Read More

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