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Determining a Good Dog Bite Case

In Rhode Island, dog bite cases are really broken down into two different categories. One is when a person is bit by a dog off the owner’s property. The other is when the dog bite occurs technically which is called within the enclosure of the owner’s property. In the first case, if you’re ever bitten Read More

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Reviewing Business leases and contracts

Here at Murphy and Fay, we often review a business’s lease or contract when they first get involved or even the later years. It’s very important that if you’re entering to lease for your business that you it reviewed by one of our attorneys here at Murphy and Fay to make sure that you are Read More

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How can you Help Someone who Purchased a Property and was Misled by the Seller?

In many cases unfortunately, the buyers have been misrepresented by the sellers in the purchase of their major asset, their home. Here at Murphy and Fay, we can help you with that process. It’s important that you contact us as soon as you can because in many cases, there may be a case against the Read More

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If I Slip on a Sidewalk in RI, is it the Responsibility of the Property Owner or the Town?

If you slipped on a sidewalk or a highway or a town road in Rhode Island, it’s very important that you come in and see me as soon as you can after it happens. There are very strict notice requirements in Rhode Island to the cities about slipping falls or tripping falls on municipal sidewalks Read More

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