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February 2015
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What’s the BAC in Rhode Island for Adults and Minors?

Quite often we’re asked, “What is the blood alcohol limit in the state of Rhode Island?” Rhode Island has a .08 law however if you are a young adult over the age of 18 but under 21, there is also a statute known as driving while impaired which is when your blood alcohol level is Read More

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What Should I do if I Get Arrested for More than One DUI in Rhode Island?

Our office is often contacted by individuals who had prior DUI’s in their past and have received or been charged with a new DUI offense.  It is important to know in Rhode Island that multiple DUI’s within a 5 year period are taken very seriously by both the court and the prosecution and that an Read More

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I was Arrested for a White Collar Crime in Rhode Island

One of our focuses in our practice is white collar crimes.  White collar crimes are usually entirely different than street crimes.  In white collar crimes, usually the individual knows that they are being investigated.  It is important for that person from the beginning when they get notice that they are being investigated that something is Read More

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What’s Important to Know if you’ve Been Charged with Burglary in Rhode Island?

Our office is often contacted by family members of individuals who are being held at the adult correctional institution, which is the state jail.  The first priority that we have is to see if we can get the individual out on bail.  If somebody is arrested for burglary, which is a capital offense, our first Read More

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